TD Foundry and the UK Fly the Flag for Climate Change in the Foundry Industry

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TD Foundry has made the decision to close our coke fuelled Cupola melting furnaces and transfer all metal melting to our more energy efficient electric melting furnaces.

As an ISO 14001 certified company, our drive for continuous environmental improvement is at the heart of our business.

The motivation for the closure was due to our passion to support environmentally clean engineering and will mean a drastic reduction in both energy usage and carbon production.

Switching from a 100% fossil fuel driven cupola to electric melting only will have a huge impact on our carbon footprint, with the electric furnaces using approximately 50% less energy and providing a 75% reduction in carbon equivalent.

It is our belief that as alternative methods are available, the Cupola is a technology that should no longer be used for casting production anywhere in the world.

Alongside TD Foundry’s drive to improve our own environmental impact, the UK foundry industry as a whole, is making strides to lower its impact on the global climate.

In June 2021 37% of the UK’s electricity usage was produced from renewable energy sources whilst the annual coal consumption was only 0.5% of the world’s usage, in comparison to that of China who use over 50% of the worlds share of coal annually.

Castings made in the UK will have a much lower impact on the environment than any made in the Far East or any Foundry in Europe still using a Cupola. Coupled with further increases in greenhouse gasses due to shipping, the use of UK manufacturing companies has never been more critical.

*Figures taken from & Energy Trends Document.

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