Thomas Dudley Foundry Help Commemorate Abraham Darby The First

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Thomas Dudley Foundry helped to commemorate Abraham Darby the First, (the father of the industrial revolution).  Cast iron plaques were supplied for a new statue in his honour, which was officially unveiled last week.

Born in Woodsetton, a stone’s throw from Thomas Dudley Foundry’s manufacturing facility, Abraham Darby the First developed a method of manufacturing iron in a blast furnace fuelled by coke rather than charcoal. This process marked a major step forward in the production of cast iron and made it possible to manufacture thin castings.

Thomas Dudley Foundry were delighted to be able to donate the cast iron plaques to the statue, in celebration of the man who paved the way for not only the casting industry, but the industrial revolution as a whole.

Further photographs can be found on the following link:  Woodsetton -

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